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Indian Head Massage

Indian Champissage

How might Indian Head Massage benefit you?

Indian Head Massage is considered a complete de-stressing programme as it is concentrated on the mind and upper body, including the face. A focus on breathing along with the speed of varying pressures and strokes are believed to provide:

  • relief from tension headaches, migraines and sinus congestion
  • relief from chronic neck and shoulder stiffness
  • general muscle relaxation
  • a loosened scalp
  • improved blood circulation
  • a sense of calmness and tranquility (Nursing Times, 2013) and
  • a higher level of alertness and clearer thinking.

It is a quick treatment which can be done fully clothed, sitting on a chair.

Why Absolute Therapy?

You will be warmly welcomed. With Sonya, this advanced form of Indian Head Massage incorporates the Ayurvedic element of Indian Champissage. It includes the face and subtle energy massage working the 3 higher Chakras, should you wish that. She also practises yoga, another form of Ayurveda for flexibility, strength and relaxation.

You will be offered After Care advice and can leave your session with self-help information to make use of when you feel you need to take a couple of minutes out of life’s hectic pace.

How it works

On a more subtle level, Ayurveda the ancient medical system means, “science of life”. It is believed that body, mind and energy work in harmony for balance and well-being. That energy, flows through the body connecting and concentrating in 7 centres called Chakras (Mehta, 2000). After their massage some clients have reported that they feel very relaxed and sleepy while others feel awake and revitalised. The Chakra energy system also overlaps with Reiki practise. Sonya has achieved 1st Degree of learning Usui Sensei Reiki.

“when the breath is steady…., so is the mind” (Hatha Yoga)