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Clients' Reviews

Jake B - dec 2020;

"I went to Sonya with a few problems I was having. Within a short time, she was able to identify the problems and explain why I was having them. There and then she helped where I was having pain and I came away with plenty of advice on how to stop the problem reoccurring. Would highly recommend."

C Stewart - Nov 2020;

"Would totally recommend.
I was actually just going for a massage as a treat but ended up having a sore, stiff neck the week leading up to the assessment.
It was keeping me awake at night and I was taking pain killers through the day.
Sonya didn't just go straight in to the massage, she assessed me and worked out what would work best for me.
I felt so much better after the appointment, and it continued to improve over the next few days.
I'm really grateful to her and I will definitely go back."

Caitlin M - Nov 2020;

"I went for a remedial massage when I had some lower back and shoulder pain. Sonya was excellent. I had my massage on the Friday afternoon and my pain had completely disappeared by the Saturday morning. I have not suffered from the same pain since. As well as the great massage, Sonya was also able to give me advice about my posture and how to avoid similar pain in future. Would highly recommend!"

Bel Efoula - Sept 2020;

"Great atmosphere and best massage by far.
I would highly recommend Sonya."

Pat F - Sept 2020;

"I had my first, long awaited massage today. Never mind 'Absolute Therapy', it was Absolute Heaven!... not that Sonya is an angel mind!!🤣🤣I was totally relaxed and the new procedures are no big deal. This is the new norm now and we will all get used to any treatments, be it medical, beauty or therapeutic, being carried out with both parties wearing masks. I was totally relaxed and confident that I was in a safe environment. Sonya, I really appreciate the extra work and effort you have to put in, in order for your clients to once again enjoy a massage. Thank you."

M Fraser - Oct 2020;

"I had a fantastic back, shoulder and neck massage after being stiff from carrying a large backpack up a Munro the previous day. Felt brilliant afterwards!"

Bruce Law - 2019 

"I have been visiting Sonya regularly for some years now to receive deep tissue massage to alleviate the pain/stiffness from long standing damage following a serious trauma incident. She is the utmost professional always checking how I have been since my last visit so she can tailor each session to treat specific problem areas and fully explaining why she is carrying out a treatment and what it will achieve. Her massages are 2nd to none and her friendly relaxed demeanour always puts you at ease. 5 stars keep up the great work".

Peter W - 2019

"best massage by far, Sonya is highly experienced and very motivated. great atmosphere, definitely recommend if your needing a deep tissue sports massage! cheers sonya👍👌"

SG - 2019

"The most relaxed I've ever felt. First time I've enjoyed a back massage. Sonya is so welcoming and relaxing. Would highly recommend".

YM - July, 2018

"Sonya really have helped me so much👍. By focusing and using the muscles in my back when using my shoulders and arms I am almost back to normal and my cycle across Scotland went brilliantly."

GN - June, 2018

"Sonya sorted out my shoulder pain with deep remedial massage - I swear I grew a couple of inch taller - I had to move my car seat back to drive home. Since then I have had occasion to visit again and received reflexology - this is a blissful experience and felt like walking on clouds for days. Sonya treats you with respect and a deep down wish to help - I would totally recommend Absolute Therapy to all my friends and family."

Sam - June, 2018

" I constantly have lower back and neck pain due to stress and so after having a remediation massage with Sonya not only am I relaxed but these areas feel so much better as all the knots are removed. What’s good about Sonya is she really listens to you and your body and can adapt the massage to suit you and your needs so I highly recommend her."

Bri Yates - Aug, 2017

"Sonya is very professional and caring with a pleasant personality which immediately relaxes you. I have sciatica and other niggles which Sonya quickly identified and got to work on. Whilst carrying out the deep tissue work (which is not easy given my heavy weight !) she is very informative as to what the problem is, what she is trying to do and what to do in the future after treatment i.e. exercises etc which I value.
I would not hesitate to recommend Sonya!!"

Lee S - June, 2017

"I had successful back surgery a few years ago but a recent change in work has caused me some niggles recently. I saw Sonya while I was up on holiday in between physio appointments back home. Have to say feeling great, absolute therapy. Thanks for coming to me"

E. Rose A. Dewar - May, 2017

"Sonja was amazing and had such a great sense of humour which really helps when you are in your pants and bra feeling awkward as hell. She really tuned in to my responses to some of the movements and really really helped. Stiff as hell now but looking forward to feeling better"

E Morrison - April, 2017

"I have been attending reflexology every other week for a few weeks now. I am seeing amazing results. Sonya is a very kind lady who has a passion for her work. I highly recommend her services."

G Wilson - March, 2017

"Had a great reflexology session today thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend Sonya."

Chris Fairbairn - March, 2017

"Would highly recommend Sonja, excellent knowledge and first class treatment."

R Louisa Kij - November, 2016

"I would definitely recommend this lady. Just home from having my shoulders and neck done and I already feel so much better. Very welcoming and friendly, very knowledgeable, made me feel safe and relaxed, seriously can't explain how good I feel right now"

L Findlay - April, 2016

"Had a deep tissue remedial massage to neck back and shoulders. Can not recommend enough excellent massage and advice. Sonya very welcoming. Visited while on holiday but will definitely visit again next time we are up"

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