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Remedial Massage - Musculo-Skeletal (MSK) Therapy

deep tissue ~ injury recovery ~ sports ~ posture ~ soft tissue

How might you benefit from Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, MusculoSkeletal or Soft Tissue Therapy?

You can benefit from:

  • having painful muscles warmed, softened and stretched whether after exercise, repetitive movements (generally or occupationally) or if you are recovering from an injury
  • top to toe improved joint mobilisation and increased range of movement
  • advanced release techniques being applied to tight muscles, ligaments or tendons under stress and or being knotted and where clinically suitable application of k-taping
  • the breaking down of scar tissue and adhesions which may be restricting your movement
  • Delaying Onset Muscle Soreness (D.O.M.S.) after strenuous physical activity
  • restoring soft tissue flexibility and improved posture.

Advanced massage techniques were shown to aid heart rate recovery after high intensity exercise (Arroyo-Morales, Olea, Martinez et al. 2008) and the Journal of Physiotherapy reported that perceived pain and post endurance race recovery are helped by massage therapy (Nunes et al. 2016).

Why Absolute Therapy Remedial Massage?

"It's more than merely a massage". Sonya trained at the University of Highlands and Islands and Scottish Massage Schools. She has practical experience and strong enthusiasm for massage in its role to improve or, correct misaligned hyper-tense or poorly performing muscles and other connective soft tissue. Remedial Massage is often generally referred to by the lay-person as Sports Massage. The aim of either is to improve the movement of the muscle to consequently enable the skeleton to work more efficiently. Please note no spinal mobilisation is carried out by Absolute Therapy Remedial Massage. What we can offer to assist with spinal stabilisation is kinesio taping, which has been shown to aid pain relief with exercise (Celenay S et al. 2020). Although limited in it's research, evidence suggests that Trigger Point (TrP) therapy can be effective in decreasing foot pain and improving function of commonly occurring plantar fasciitis, (degenerative inflamed soft tissue condition on sole of foot on and around heel area), (Juchli 2021). In addition evidence shows that combined stretching and k taping can also improve symptoms (Pinrattana et al. 2021)

A consultation and postural assessment will be carried out to identify which movements you may be having difficulty with. Deep tissue massage will be applied after warming up an area. It is performed with slower, focused pressure sinking into soft tissue to release tension. In most cases a variety of techniques will be used including: Myofascial Trigger Point Release, Passive and Active Stretching, acupressure, side lying massage and movement by you, all conducted within your pain tolerance level. Depending on the professional assessment undertaken, Medical Acupuncture or Dry Needling and IASTM techniques may also be applied with consent. Over the years of working with clients, more facials are being offered based on their feedback from improved feel of skin to sinus and jaw relief.

You may just wish a deep tissue massage as a form of stress relief. This can be done too!  


How does it work?

Anatomy (legs, arms, torso, neck and shoulders, back, ankles, feet, wrists and hands) may have become fatigued and tense through repetitive movements, over-use from occupational stressors, sports activity, postural difficulties or illness.

In normal daily activities we may complain of having tweaked a muscle, or having a “knot”. This may be a micro tear of soft tissue fibres and given ideal conditions will repair itself. Frequently however ideal conditions may not be possible and so the discomfort may persist.

Further advanced techniques such as Soft Tissue Release, #Sports Massage, Acupressure and Muscle Energy Techniques are used by Sonya. These are not applied exclusively to sports people or at Events, but may be appropriate for any one of any age to help with muscle imbalances. A mobile service in Moray and Highland is also offered.