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Actions speak louder than words

May 01, 2018

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. That was the thinking behind Adam Walker doing a shoot of Absolute Therapy at work. The final product is only a minute long and introduces the services offered by Sonya. The emphases of this promotional video are professionalism, expertise and client care.

Back pain - 7 tips - Natural Relief (court. Spine-health)

Apr 24, 2018

1 EASE MORNING PAIN - do gentle rocking from side to side to open the pelvis and stretch back stabilser muscles

poster by Spine-health

Reflexology Experience and the Association of Reflexologists

Mar 22, 2018

I wanted to share below, this comment from a client. I am very pleased that, in her words, she has expressed what her idea of what she thought reflexology might be like as well as her thoughts and experiences throughout the process. 

I once wrote "...more than a foot rub". Whether reflexology is merely a foot rub or, more than that is a point for discussion. What matters day to day, is that a reflexologist, as in one who is a Member of the Association of Reflexologists provides a full and comprehensive treatment whether following The Ingham Method, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its Elements and or Acupressure.

One click away

Mar 02, 2018

One click to Check-In on #Facebook next time you're at #AbsoluteTherapy for a 'treat or treatment.

Snow and skin - a heavenly combination

Feb 28, 2018

Sadly not enough for me to get to work on mine! 

#moray #skiing #absolutetherapy #fun

Aromatherapy as a Gift

Feb 28, 2018

What a pleasant surprise to receive this. 

Parkinsons Disease or MSA?

Oct 19, 2017

Had an enlightening discussion yesterday about MSA. I hadn't heard of it. It is Multiple System Atrophy; a rare nervous system disorder (partly similar to Parkinsons) where the brain becomes damaged leading to deterioration of our automatic functions like breathing, balance, etc…/multiple-syste…/Pages/Introduction.aspx
There's no specific test to diagnose Multiple System Atrophy.
A diagnosis can usually be made based on the symptoms, although it can potentially be confused with Parkinson's disease.

Kinesiology Taping (also known as kay-taping)

Aug 04, 2017

Just what is it and what does it do?

The use of kinesiology tape has increased dramatically amongst professional athletes and more recently among people with general muscular ailments, even though it was developed over forty years ago! You may have wondered what and why some sports people wear brightly coloured tape….

What is it?

It is an advanced therapeutic, Read More →