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Aromatherapy Massage

Pure Essential Oils

How might Aromatherapy Massage benefit you?

You may benefit from:

  • your face, body and mind being soothed and nurtured - pampered
  • having some time-out for you in a warm, peaceful and comfortable setting
  • hand-made blends of pure essential oils which share common constituents. They are likely to produce synergistic, harmonious scents for example; floral, citrus, stimulating, soothing or woody
  • aromatherapy massage which is considered beneficial in improving symptoms of depression
  • decreasing pain and depression levels (arthritic patients), (Kim, Nam and Paik, 2005)
  • effective reduction in menopausal symptoms (Darsareh, Taavoni, Joolaee et al. 2012)

Why Absolute Therapy?

We believe it is just that,

Absolute: where the whole you is considered along with delivering a high quality service. You are given time to express what you are looking for during the consultation process and to suggest any scent preferences you may have.  A "Client’s Choice" is available so that you can choose a specific area in need of massage, e.g. arms and hands. Please note abdominal massage is not available to male clients.

Your Aromatherapist will then hand blend high quality essential oils with a carrier oil to suit your unique requirements. You may also be given the opportunity to purchase "your blend" after your appointment. "Your blend" could be a cream, shower/bath gel, oil blends or scrub to complement that holistic and continued absolute approach.

How does it work?

Aromatherapy uses pure essential oils in a variety of applications. Here at

Absolute Therapy the most commonly used are; massage, vaporisation and compresses. The naturally occurring oils can work with the body in three ways:

  • physiologically (by affecting the body’s organs, glands, etc.)
  • pharmacologically (science of the actions and properties of the natural chemical parts of the essential oils) and
  • psychologically (by olfaction; sedating or stimulating the nervous system), (Lawless, 2002).