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Clinical Reflexology

with Meridian therapy and Acupressure

How might Clinical Reflexology benefit you?

You may benefit by;

  • feeling more relaxed and calm. Reflexology aims to reduce tension and stress within the body to achieve natural balance
  • feeling relief from painful ailments
  • finding your mood and sense of wellbeing improving (Association of Reflexologists, 2014)
  • feeling energised with more vitality
  • having greater flexibility of ankle and toe joints and surrounding soft tissue (e.g. tendons, ligaments and connective tissue)
  • noticing improved circulation and warming as a result of applying specific pressures to foot reflexes (sometimes the hands may be worked)
  • giving it a try!

It is suitable for all ages and is considered to be a safe, non-invasive complementary therapy.

Reflexology encourages the body to heal itself. Individuals who may have the following symptoms and ailments including:

  • headaches, migraines and sinusitis
  • high blood pressure
  • muscular aches and pains
  • stress, anxiety and depression
  • digestive disorders, including constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S.)
  • infertility and Pre-conception (see separately)
  • hormonal imbalance including PMS
  • pregnancy including encouraging labour
  • menopausal symptoms
  • terminal illnesses - improving Quality of Life (QoL) and comfort

may try reflexology in an effort to balance the body systems.

After a detailed consultation with your Reflexologist, the hands-on work will include relaxation techniques which are used at the start and finish. A Reflexologist or Complementary Therapist is unable to diagnose or treat specific ailments or conditions.

Why Absolute Therapy?

You will be warmly welcomed whether you wish to try Reflexology as a one-off treatment, as part of a preventative and well-being lifestyle plan, alongside traditional healthcare or have received a Gift Voucher. Client feedback as part of the After Care review suggests that an initial feeling of lethargy is replaced by revitalisation. Some reflexologists refer to this as the Healing Process, natural re-balancing. Self-help techniques and general healthy living advice may be offered.

How it is believed to work?

Advanced techniques will be used to assist with how your ‘treat or treatment’ is likely to proceed. This can guide which body systems may be worked (e.g. Digestive, Respiratory, and Endocrine). In addition to that, the Chinese concept of Meridian Therapy as adopted in Acupressure and Acupuncture, can be applied. It is based on Qi (Chi or energy) and Reflexology is believed to be the stimulation and revitalisation of this energy (Dougans, 2002). Reflexes in the foot are believed to correspond to organs, glands and systems throughout the body.